Our Achievements

Our Achievements

1) Getting very hard ship in running the home with at least 25 inmates all the time, we succeeded in winning the hearts of local people. Especially merchants, service organizations, employees, people representative and surrounding villagers in raising monthly expenses.

2)We succeeded in handling even the complicated and bed ridden old people for long years till their last breath.

3) Ours is the only home in Diviseema Area to admit the old people and destitute in all critical conditions without any restrictions and stood as great opportunity for sufferers.

4) Allows old people to return to their own houses if the relations are restored with their family members.

5) We succeeded in building Faith and hope in our inmates and to overcome the fear of death in the inmates so that they die peacefully.

6) We succeeded in involving them in common activities and to share burden of serving and supporting long sufferers in the home.